TNR Rules of the Road


      Obey traffic laws!

      NEVER cross the yellow line unless it’s a last- ditch effort to avoid a crash.

      Stay to the right side of the road, i.e., don’t gutter the group on the yellow line and don’t move left with a rider that is trying to drop back in the group.

      Be cautious and mindful of the riders behind you before going through intersections.

      Listen to the ride leader.

      Hold your line, be predictable and safe.

      Call out road hazards.

      No in-ear headphones - you must be able to hear what’s around you.  Bone conduction headphones are fine, as long as the volume is kept low enough to hear everything in the group, we’re trusting you on this.

      No use of aero-bars.

      Helmets are required.

      Risky or abrupt moves to make an attack or go for a sprint will not be tolerated!


We're excited to announce new changes to our club TNR structure to provide a more tailored and enjoyable experience for all members, regardless of your cycling preferences and experience levels. 


Starting next week, our regular rides will be split into three distinct groups:






These three groups will provide an exciting, challenging, and, most importantly, fun cycling experience for every one of our valued members. Pick your group each week depending on the ride experience you want that day.


Stay tuned for further updates on the GroupMe app, including detailed route maps and group schedules.


Need the GroupMe app. You can join the group here. GroupMe LRC Group

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